I was approached by a young man who I assume is aspiring to be a photographer, about doing a simple, yet to the point, design. All that he asked was that, contained within the text of the word FILMS there be a multitude of different cameras spanning the course of time. The end result was this T shirt, which personally, I find to be in very good taste. It is simple and directly to the point while adding a touch of nostalgia for any photo enthusiast or professional. I am not sure if this gentleman has an IG, or even a site that you could visit to buy one from; however, he assures me that there will be other shirts on the horizon so once I’ve got an opportunity to speak with him again, I will find out if he has a online store, or you can leave a comment in the comment section below and I can contact him to find out how you can acquire one of these.

Written by Frank Rizzo