Now, for obvious reasons I could see how some might feel a certain way about this particular design; but come on, admit it, it’s a pretty damn funny T shirt. With that said, what we originally had in mind was scrapped due to the fact that it appeared rather offensive as T shirts go, so we went with something that was a little more PC, if you will. All in all, we received extremely positive reactions and almost completely sold out the first day we posted them up; so now we are actually working on a similar design right now ( I think we’re going through a faceplant phase to be perfectly honest) that will have a similar design concept, with a bit of a hip hop twist. I would also like to take a moment and apologize for my severe absence as I have some things going on that limit my ability to getting these blog posts up, but again, I assure you all that once all is right on my side….I’ll be back in full swing!!

Written by Frank Rizzo