Star Wars VII

Alright ladies and gents, first off let me just warn you…I am about to totally nerd out on you and throw down on my own brief review/ blog post about my thoughts on the movie. Take it easy on me as this marks my first ever, movie review. All that I can tell you (without spoilers of course) is that this movie was nothing short of amazing, and JJ Abrams no doubt deserves a round of applause for his handling of a franchise that has had one of the most loyal followings over the course of the last three and a half decades. If you are not a Star Wars fan, then I suppose it wouldn’t make much sense to you, assuming you are unfamiliar with the story, as well as the characters. However, if you are indeed a true fan of the Star Wars franchise…then you should be at a theater somewhere watching it right now, not reading this blog/review. Seriously though, stop reading already and get to a movie theater quickly before someone ruins the movie for you. #StarWars #JJAbrams #Epic