January 4, 2016 Blogroll No Comments

Let me not sit up in here and spout a bunch of nonsense about what I’ve done last ¬†year, what I’ll do differently this year, or what kind of resolutions that I absolutely do not plan on upholding this year. I have no resolutions…do you know why? Because I am happy being the person that I am, and I have no trouble letting each year pass with grace. At this point in my life, if I am going to do something to better myself, then I need not spend a whole year pondering on it…I just have to get off my ass and do it, same as you and every other person that would like to better themselves somehow, in some way. If you want to exercise, then go do it, if you want to stop smoking, then stop. If you want to lose/ gain 10 pounds, then stop fucking about, and talking shit about next year, or next trimester, or the next day for that matter. Nobody gives a damn about your resolve, except you. You are the only one holding you back, you are the only one who keeps waking up late and eating shit on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr etc…YOU, are the only obstacle you need to face. Ladies and gentleman, it is high time we took responsibility for our lives and the way we would like to live them. Fuck a status update, go for a jog instead. Fuck a T.V. show, read a book with your kids; and for the love of everything good and Holy…Fuck what you hear on the news and the way they continue to attempt a full blown minute by minute narration/dictation of our lives. 2015 is gone, and I’m content with that. Are you? 2016 is here, let’s stop eating shit and get back to being Human Beings shall we?? Unplug, break the cycle, tear the system open from the inside out and let the sunshine hit you in the face and wind press against your back…welcome back to the Human Race!!


Written by Frank Rizzo