Belive_T Mia_Hustles Bridges_Burn

Just as promised; I give you another 3 shirts from the upcoming Inked Pro/Rated Art Summer Line. Damn, can you believe summer is almost here already? I’ve had a couple of people already ask me whether or not any of the new designs were slated to be printed on tank tops, and to that my reply is; I will find out and get back to you on that asap. I think it would be a good idea. How do you feel about these as tank tops? Are there any particular color shirts you would like to see one, or the other design on? Let us know which design you like the most so far, if there are any older designs you would like to see brought back into the rotation, or just how you generally feel about the work that we have been doing. Stay tuned as I’ll be posting the last couple of shirts for the new run on tomorrows blog post. Until then, ponder which of the new shirts you’ll be picking up first. Remember, you can order from the site directly; or if you are in the neighborhood you can always slide through and pick one up at the shop, have a look around, or just scope out what we do on the daily.

Written by Frank Rizzo