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For those of you who may not be familiar with Free art Friday’s, allow me to give you a brief rundown. It basically functions as a sort of treasure hunt for local area artists. In other words, members of the group #MiamiFreeArtFridays on Facebook post different works of art that they plan on “hiding” or “dropping” somewhere in the city of Miami; there is no specific place a piece of artwork needs to be dropped, it can be anywhere the artist chooses to hide it within the city. Once Friday rolls around, Artists begin to venture out as early as the sun comes up, and stay out until as late as they deem fit to do so. There is no designated time artwork needs to be dropped, and there is even a spill over Saturday for those who cannot make their drop/hunt on Friday. So you see, this is artists sharing with other artists for the sake of art, and nothing else. There is no money to be made on Free Art Friday, nor should there be…we do this for the love of art, and the continued support of one another as artists, as it was meant to be. So the next time your bored, got nothing to do on a Friday night, roll up on that Free Art Friday page…and let the hunt begin!

Just below are the images from my Drop this week, included you will also find a photo of the couple that found the piece where I left it.

FAF_Pre_Drop FAF_Post FAF_Found

Written by Frank Rizzo