I don’t think that an introduction is in order, so let’s just say that this post is specifically aimed at all of those who have been living under a rock, or on another planet while these dudes @MAYDAYMUSIC  have been literally tearin’ shit down for years. Look, if you’ve never heard of MayDay, I forgive you, because I was once in the dark as well. What I will not forgive you for, is if you do not immediately go listen to every album these fellas have ever dropped, because trying to explain how much fire is contained within these tunes is just impossible….. Are you still here?? Waiting for me to write something else? I just told you that I would be disappointed if you didn’t go straight to iTunes, Spotify, or YouTube and start bumpin’ this fire right away….get outta here!! MAYDAY is waiting for you, now go show some love!!