So here’s the deal; as of right now we have in our possession a limited amount of Last Rights, ladies UM and Dolphins T shirts. The best part of this whole entire deal is that these shirts are only $25 from their original price of $40. The only draw back, fellas, no mens shirts. That’s right, you read that correctly; unfortunately all that we have on deck is ladies shirts. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t pick one of these up for your girl, your mom; hell, I even know a few grandmas that would rock these joints. All jokes aside though, if you are interested in picking one of these up you can order them directly from the website, or you could always call ahead, let us know what size you need and stop by the shop. Seriously, take a look, they’re right there beneath this paragraph.

LastRights_Uzi LastRights_SnubNose

Written by Frank Rizzo