To be fair, I have seen quite a few unique ideas come through in my time spent here at Inked Pro. But none quite as unique as these custom cut and sew joints that this young blood was bold enough to test out, and in my opinion, execute with the kind of precision rarely seen by dudes who are just starting out. Unfortunately I have yet to obtain a site or an IG that I can send you kids to in order to make a purchase at this moment, but I assure you by the end of the day I will have acquired either a web address or an IG account that you can visit to get your orders in before they are all sold out. Just to give you an idea, my dude was able to move the majority of his shirts within a single Sunday’s time; anyhow, without further delay…the flicks!



Ivry_Red_Front Ivry_Red_Back  Ivry_BlackT_Front Ivry_Black_BackIvry_Green_T

Written by Frank Rizzo