Screen Print, Dye Sublimation, Embroidery, and even Custom Vinyl
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Peep these super fresh color schemes for the homies over at Epidemic!! Each shirt is unique unto itself (much like the dye sub work) because...
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New Year, Same Characters
Let me not sit up in here and spout a bunch of nonsense about what I’ve done last  year, what I’ll do differently this year,...
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Dye Sublimation Samples
Artwork, Blogroll, Client work, Sublimination
Not too sure about how your artwork will look via dye sublimation? Don’t worry, we offer sample printing exclusively for dye sublimation, so if you...
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Blogroll, Client work, Screen Printing
  Brand new screen print T shirts for Myami!! Go give them a follow on instagram at @Myami to find out where you can purchase...
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Custom Pillows
Blogroll, Sublimination
You will have to forgive me if I keep gushing about these pillows but come on, let’s be honest…who doesn’t like the idea of customized...
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Star Wars VII
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Alright ladies and gents, first off let me just warn you…I am about to totally nerd out on you and throw down on my own...
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New Vany Vicious Pillows and Shirts
Blogroll, Client work, Sublimination
Got some brand new pillows and T shirts coming out of the oven for the one and only Vany Vicious! Everything was done via Dye...
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