Considering the little amount of time that it took for the first round of Tank tops to disappear, I can only imagine how much faster these one of a kind gems will fly off the rack. For those of you that missed out on the opportunity to pick up the exclusive Ahol Black and Teal tank top a couple of weeks back; I now present you with yet another opportunity to get your mitts on what could easily be the most exclusive shirts we’ve done for him yet. Each one of these tank tops is an individual in and of itself for the simple fact that, while at first look all, 30 pieces printed would look exactly the same…but I assure you they are not. We splattered the ink in different sections of the screen for each individual tank top so that no two shirts would be identical. I’ve said it before and I will say it again; there is no way to know that, as I write this, Ahol has in fact already sold the very last one or not…so I would suggest getting over to his site quick fast and in a hurry @ or catch up with him on IG @AholSniffsGlue to find out if he’s got your size available. #DontSleep

Written by Frank Rizzo