July 6, 2015 Blogroll No Comments

Once again, a new week is upon us and I have to say that, while a work week is still a work week, I am happy to be getting back to the grind. Took a few days off for my Birthday (shout out to those of you who showed tremendous love), Went down to the Keys, Hung out with the fam and some old friends, watched some fireworks, and managed to return back safely enough to still keep y’all up to speed with the latest and the greatest. Took a 4 day hiatus from the T shirt life, and to be perfectly honest spent a great deal of time just soaking up life, and enjoying time with the family. With all that said, I will be posting up a couple of new dye sub Tanks later on for a client of ours who has some truly unique and amazing artwork so I am really stoked to get these into print. Until then, keep those eyes open cause vacation time is over, and we are back in full swing…or at least we will be when the summer is finally over (you know, summer camp, picking up and dropping off the kids etc. and so on).

Written by Frank Rizzo